Monday, August 31, 2009

nitrox diving

On Sunday seven members, with a varied diving background, were certified into the realm of nitrox diving. We gathered early in the morning and promptly completed our classroom section learning of the many benefits and the few challenges of diving with enriched air. The classroom section left us looking forward to the two dives we were going to be doing using nitrox. The dives were completed at the Prescott underwater park in about 45 feet of water. We picked up our tanks at Divetech then headed for our dive site. I can say I was pleasantly surprised on the calm feeling of diving with nitrox and I was not the only one everyone was surprised on how much nicer we felt after diving. The weather was a little rainy but with all of us diving wet it really did not matter. It was a nice way to enjoy a day learning more about our sport and being able use the skills right away. All of the students would recommend air divers definitely talk to an instructor to see about nitrox.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

News from the Quarry

It has been a bit since our last post on here. With the nice weather here diving has been great at the quarry. We recently had our first course come and complete all their open water dives at the quarry and a few more instructors and classes are lined up for the summer. We also have played host to divers from various clubs in the area. It is always nice to talk with divers from the CFB Dolphin Club, NTD, and the Belleville dive club. It is great to see everyones passion for diving. We are in the process of laying lines for navigation, ascent/descent lines, and a 100 foot line for visibility and to measure your fin kicks. There was a port a potty on the site for a couple weeks but it had to be removed since it was constantly being knocked over. Additions to our website is an ongoing project and now has shore and charter dives. Our next event is just days away a bbq and dive for Canada Day. Cost for this dive will be $10.00 per diver. If you are planning on attending please let us know so we can make sure we have ample food for all.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Warm Time in the Quarry

Taking any chance to get wet I was able to get in the water this morning. I was pleasantly surprised by the water temperature at 65f/18c. It felt like bath water and in a dry suit I was overly warm. The vis was great in the range of 50ft +. It looks like for the Sunday May Long Weekend dive the water is going to be great.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Night Diving

Today we had two groups come to the quarry to use new gear, practice skills, and shake off some cob webs from the winter months. Groups from Northern Tech Diving and the Dolphin Scuba Club enjoyed their time in the water. The reported temperature was 46F/7.7c. The range of visibility was about 40 feet even with the rain and wind we have had recently. Everyone seemed to enjoy getting into the water for a little review and trying out new gear. I enjoyed talking to the divers which when not diving is a divers favorite past time.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Finning in the Quarry

Enjoying a dive at the quarry today four of us went for a little dip. The water temperature was 45f/7C. One of the divers dove wet today and we stayed down for a little over 40 minutes. We took our time exploring and looking for anything new in the quarry. An empty turtle shell was spotted as well as kids’ scooter. The visibility was in the range of 40 feet. It was a nice time visiting the overturned car and to see the gnomes.

Monday, April 13, 2009

First Annual Easter Dive

On Saturday we had our first annual Easter Dive. It was a beautiful sunny day with a bit of wind. We had eight divers enter the water in search for eggs and to explore the quarry. This also marked our first dive of the season for the quarry. The vis on the dive stayed about 40 feet with the temperatures coming in at between 6 and 7C. Generally all the divers stayed down approximately 30 minutes. Two of the divers dove in wet suits while the rest were in dry suits. It was great to see members from the Dolphin Scuba Club and Canada Subs Sport Ltd all coming out and we are hoping that more people will attend out next theme dive in May. We need to thank DiveTech for sponsoring prizes. Our prizes included premiere tickets, Bare gloves, weight belts, snorkels, dive log, slate, and a line cutter. We would like to thank Mike, Dianne, Kim, Scott, Kevin, Matt, Gaeten, Jim, Steve, Paul, and Sam all for coming out. Also if you have any ideas of what you would like to see done in the quarry you are invited to submit them for us as we are looking at making continuous improvements for the benefit of all divers. There are more pictures non our website.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Preparation Dive

Today we got two dives in at the quarry on highway 15. In total we spent just over one hour in the water. The water temperature had not changed from last week(43F/6C) and the vis was about the same too. Our goal was to prepare for tomorrows Easter Dive and add some under water decoration. With our tasks completed we just continued to enjoy the quarry.