Monday, August 31, 2009

nitrox diving

On Sunday seven members, with a varied diving background, were certified into the realm of nitrox diving. We gathered early in the morning and promptly completed our classroom section learning of the many benefits and the few challenges of diving with enriched air. The classroom section left us looking forward to the two dives we were going to be doing using nitrox. The dives were completed at the Prescott underwater park in about 45 feet of water. We picked up our tanks at Divetech then headed for our dive site. I can say I was pleasantly surprised on the calm feeling of diving with nitrox and I was not the only one everyone was surprised on how much nicer we felt after diving. The weather was a little rainy but with all of us diving wet it really did not matter. It was a nice way to enjoy a day learning more about our sport and being able use the skills right away. All of the students would recommend air divers definitely talk to an instructor to see about nitrox.

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