Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sunday Dive in the Quarry

This morning granted an opportunity to go diving at the highway 15 quarry (Cruickshank). This was my first time in this quarry although I have wanted to dive in it for some time. The water looked very inviting. After seeing another diver who stopped by out of curiosity we headed into the water. Following the gentle slope into the water we quickly found ourselves at the 30 foot mark. It was surprising how clear the water was; considering all the rain and wind we have had. The visibility throughout the dive ranged around the 40 foot mark. The max depth that we hit was 37 feet and the coldest that my computer registered was a warm 43F (6C). We took our time swimming around and spent about 70 minutes under water enjoying everything we could. It was great to get out of the water and have a warm drink waiting for us too, brought by Kelly. As expected there are tires in the quarry as well as bikes and a car. The bottom was mostly rock and gravel with some sections that have a little silt. There were no fish but three live frogs were seen. It was an enjoyable dive that had no effects of the wind. I can just say I look forward to diving in here again and hope to see everyone out on Saturday for the Easter dive.

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